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Posted: November 16, 2005 by in Uncategorized is a video blog site.  I have signed up and will post a video soon.  Help… blogging is taking over my free time!

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Blogging through Flock

Posted: November 16, 2005 by in Uncategorized

Hmmm… this might be another reason to move to blog.  This is a test using Flock (, which is a beta web browser with blogging its primary purpose.  I am just playing at this point but will try to update later!

My First on the new blog

Posted: November 10, 2005 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

My friend Josh tipped me off to this new blogging site, which is fully hosted and uses word press.  I had tinkered with word press previously and now plan to start up a new blog here…  I’m not quite positive what I will throw on here, but initially I’m thinking poetry.  Perhaps Geocaching…  I don’t know yet, but stay tuned because I just might make up my mind!