Beta Testing

Posted: June 7, 2007 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

I just registered with Microsoft to be a beta tester.  A beta tester is someone who helps the developer find bugs, etc. before software is released to the general public.  I am hoping to be invited to test out the MS Windows Home Server.  As I understand it, this new product will be aimed at the home computer user who has multiple PCs.  The product will act as the central administration portal to your home network and act as a central place to store data (pics, videos, documents), to automatically backup your PCs, and to also stream this to your Xbox360.  I am very interested in seeing this product in action and truly believe that many, many people will be using this product in the next couple of years!  Converging devices are becoming the norm and I think MS has begun to focus on the home as a brand new market potential.

After signing up for this Beta, I also registered with MS Game Studios!  Hopefully, I will also be chosen to try out some new Xbox games soon, too.

If you, too, are interested in Beta testing for MS, the URL is:


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