Independence Day ’07

Posted: July 5, 2007 by jgrantmarshall in digital photography, family, holiday

Independence Day 2007 is now in the books and reflecting back on yesterday’s activities, I feel that this was one of the best we’ve celebrated.  I am currently uploading 49 pictures to Flickr to share with everyone (previews and links can be found in my Flickr strip to the right).

I was up and reserving our spot for the parade by 0600.  After that, I began the last preparations before our guests arrived.  By 0930-ish, everyone began to arrive.  Besides family, we were also honored to have a highschool friend, his wife and daughter celebrate the 4th with us.  I started the music playing (streamed MP3 playlist of specially selected songs) on my outside stereo and the party began.  We all chatted and played on the back deck until the start of the parade.

The parade began around 1100.  It seems like this year’s parade was bigger than in years past to me.  We saw many types of cars (only 3 Jeeps, though 😦  ), Grant’s school’s float, and even a couple of fire trucks that sprayed water into the crowd.  Getting hosed, in this sense, was a VERY good thing because the temperature was over 90 degrees by then and there was no shade!

After the parade, we all met back at the house and then headed to the city park for lunch.  The park was packed with people and there were lots of things to see and do.  First thing on everyone’s mind, with the multitude of food smells in the air, was to find something to eat.  There were probably at least a dozen food vendors to choose from, including chicken from the FFA, pulled pork sandwiches and as Grant chose… hot dogs.   While eating under the shade of the park’s trees, we were entertained by musicians playing classic rock on stage.  As we finished our meals, a juggler on 10 foot stilts began entertaining… although I secretly was wishing to see him fall… awful, aren’t I?

Next, we poked around the various booths to pick up things nobody REALLY needs… although some tickets were purchased for the Rotary Duck Race in the fall, so some civic-minded goodness was achieved.

We next headed back to the house for some down time to recharge for the anticipated late night.  Kids watched DVD’s in the air conditioned living room, while daddies held down the lawn chairs on the deck while clutching their “personal 12 oz. A/C units” (whatever that means…).  During the downtime, we missed the fire department’s water ball match for the third year in a row.  Maybe next year…

At about 1700, I began Q’ing dogs and burgers.  I certainly stuffed myself beyond normal bounds and don’t think I was alone.  After dinner, we ate a US flag inspired cake made by my Sister-in-law… white frosting (cream cheese?), red strawberries and blueberries.

We began our own fireworks, as did the rest of the neighborhood, at about 2200 followed by the city fireworks at 2230.  Some of the fireworks disturbed the more gentle among us, but in all, I think a fun time was had by all.

Thank you, Guys, for making it a fun 4th!  See most of you next weekend for Grafitti!


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