I’m Working Out

Posted: January 19, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in health, jogging

Well, a few months back, I stepped on the scale and was startled into action. The good news was that there is a gym at my new job (for a small membership fee). Also good news was that an announcement went out at work that a team was being formed to participate in the Eugene Marathon 5K. This was my motivation to begin my jogging program.

A humbling experience was when it was proven that I couldn’t even make it one time around the track (1/4 mile) without wanting to puke. This was going to be more difficult than I thought, so I was going to have to come up with a plan. The problem was, I know nothing about training to jog. Ahhh, but along comes Google and my search criteria of “jog 5k” led me to CoolRunning.com’s, Couch to 5K!

I now had a plan of attack. The plan is great for those that are out of shape because it starts out easy and gets progressively more difficult. In the past, I have just started on my own and have over done it too early and quit because I hurt. I have now been following the suggested routine and have just finished week 6 (out of 9). I am feeling pretty good and my joints (hips and knees) are holding up to the program.

So, to the point of the post… Yesterday, was the end of week 6 and the program says to run 2.25 miles or 25 minutes. At that point, 25 minutes, I was still feeling good and I decided to push the extra 3/4 of a mile to reach 3 miles. I DID IT!!! I jogged 3 miles! The guy who couldn’t go 1/4 of a mile a couple of months back. I was able to hit the mark a couple of weeks early even. Man, I’m stoked.

http://www.c25k.com/¬† <–This site is dedicated to the Couch to 5K program

http://www.podcasts.ullreys.net/ <–This guy created podcasts timed to the c25k program


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