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Free Photoshop

Posted: March 29, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in computers, digital photography, internet, photoshop, software

Have you heard?

Yes, the fine folks at Adobe have finally released a version of their popular photo touch-up software, Photoshop, that even I can afford. Photoshop Express is a foray into “Software as a Service” for Adobe and is completely free for the user.

I have now been able to use the software for a few touch-ups and I find it easy to use and able to do what I would normally use regular Photoshop or GIMP for. Uploading pictures to the site was as easy as selecting them from your local hard drive. If so inclined, there is also an option to upload files from other sites, such as: Facebook, Picasa, and PhotoBucket. I think it would be great to also have integration with Flickr, but that does not exist… yet. With Facebook, Photoshop was able to save the updated photo back to Facebook after fixing the photo, which I thought was handy. Manipulating the pictures was also fairly easy, especially if you’ve ever used other similar software. Making color adjustments is just a button click, followed by choosing from about 6 variations of colors. I like the tool that fixes crooked frames… not that *I* would ever take a crooked shot. There are also a few “artistic touches” that you can add like tint, color pop, etc. When you finish your masterpiece you can save to your local hard drive or you can create a gallery on your personal Photoshop site. Adobe currently gives 2GB of storage for your photos.

In all, I like this new service and I’m excited to see what happens as Adobe grows this program to a more mature product.

*Edit: If you’re interested, my gallery is *

Annual Anniversary Coast Trip

Posted: March 26, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, travel

Yesterday, as you can see in the Flickr gallery, we took our Anniversary trip to the Coast. We celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary with a 280 mile journey. If you are interested, you can view our route on a Google Map. The weather was particularly perfect for going to the Coast and was sunny with a temperature in the mid-50’s (Fahrenheit) without much wind. We started the day with a picnic lunch at Heceta Head Lighthouse. We ate PB&J’s, veggies & cheese. We used paper plates that, amazingly, did not blow away! Our mealtime entertainment was provided by an annoying seagull squawking at us nearby. After lunch we explored the beach for a bit. We next packed up and drove up to Yachats (~15 miles North). Yachats has grown since the last time I had been through and we had fun watching a blow hole and exploring another beach. We next drove up to the outlet mall in Lincoln City where we shopped for more than outlets. I didn’t find a single thing that I couldn’t live without, but Natalie found a couple of Big Dog sweatshirts for a steal. We wound up the day by eating the buffet at Spirit Mountain Casino. This was a little after 7pm and we normally eat around 530. I was HUNGRY! Lucky for me, it was seafood day with unlimited crab, pan-fried oysters and salmon… along with the more typical buffet fare. I stuffed myself beyond human bounds and still wasn’t hungry for lunch the following day. That was not such a great idea, but I still woke up early to work out, though. Grant promptly fell asleep when we got back to the car, so that made it a pretty quiet ride home. We rolled in at about 11pm and collapsed into bed. It was a fun day!

Ava Christine

Posted: March 21, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in baby, family

Hey, Everyone… I just wanted to quickly share with you that my niece, Ava Christine, was born Wednesday, March 19, 2008.

Another darling little niece added to the family!  I think it is going to be really cool to have Ava and (soon-to-be) Allison so close in age.  Cousins are ALWAYS cool!  Will the 2 A’s be double trouble?  We can only wait and see!

The countdown to Allie-time is on!

Nice Weather

Posted: March 10, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family

Wow… what an AWESOME day we had;  the first full day we’ve had to enjoy Daylight Savings Time!  I was guessing the temperature to be about 65 degrees but the bank clock on the way home (@ 1700) said 69 degrees… FAHRENHEIT!  We took some time out of our grocery shopping to stop at Skinner Butte park to play on the BIG playstructure and to take a quick walk.

I have to share with you a comment I heard while on the playground.  A bigger than average sized lady yelled to her children, in front of God and everyone, to “go and play… Mommy’s smoking!”  I guess that my life is pretty sheltered when that statement caught me off guard.  I guess it just makes me laugh and feel bad at the same time.  Anyway, the park was as packed as I have ever seen it, but it is still a lot of fun.  If you have kids and find yourself in Eugene, Skinner Butte park is pretty nice.

Later, we continued our “cultural experience” at WinCo.  That place is always a zoo and no more needs to be said.

When we finally got home and put groceries away, I fired up the BBQ for this year’s first hamburger feast.  I sure do love BBQ hamburgers… especially the ones I BBQ!  Today I added to my “secret” recipe.  Besides onion soup mix, I threw in some Worcestershire Sauce.  I don’t think I put enough in… but, then again, no one complained and Grant even downed a whole hamburger (last year he could only eat a half).  Has anyone ever put bacon bits inside the patty?  If I had some, I was also going to try this…

I added some pics to Flickr which can also be seen in the gallery to the right.

What did you do today to enjoy the weather?