Free Photoshop

Posted: March 29, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in computers, digital photography, internet, photoshop, software

Have you heard?

Yes, the fine folks at Adobe have finally released a version of their popular photo touch-up software, Photoshop, that even I can afford. Photoshop Express is a foray into “Software as a Service” for Adobe and is completely free for the user.

I have now been able to use the software for a few touch-ups and I find it easy to use and able to do what I would normally use regular Photoshop or GIMP for. Uploading pictures to the site was as easy as selecting them from your local hard drive. If so inclined, there is also an option to upload files from other sites, such as: Facebook, Picasa, and PhotoBucket. I think it would be great to also have integration with Flickr, but that does not exist… yet. With Facebook, Photoshop was able to save the updated photo back to Facebook after fixing the photo, which I thought was handy. Manipulating the pictures was also fairly easy, especially if you’ve ever used other similar software. Making color adjustments is just a button click, followed by choosing from about 6 variations of colors. I like the tool that fixes crooked frames… not that *I* would ever take a crooked shot. There are also a few “artistic touches” that you can add like tint, color pop, etc. When you finish your masterpiece you can save to your local hard drive or you can create a gallery on your personal Photoshop site. Adobe currently gives 2GB of storage for your photos.

In all, I like this new service and I’m excited to see what happens as Adobe grows this program to a more mature product.

*Edit: If you’re interested, my gallery is *

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