Doctor Visit

Posted: April 5, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

I went to visit my doctor yesterday after my cholesterol blood work was taken last week.  I had not been to the doctor in over a year, so this was also the first time to talk to my doctor since starting to work out again.  Not surprisingly, it appears that getting 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity 5 days a week and eating better (not great, yet) makes a measurable difference.

To start with, the nurse took my blood pressure and it was 122/78.  This is super-good for me because my previous two measurements were 136/88 and 136/94.  This is the first time, that I can remember, that my measurements were not accompanied with an admonition that it should be lower.

Next, the doctor came in and we talked about my cholesterol.  Before I was on medication, for reference, my cholesterol was over 300!  Before working out, but on medication, my cholesterol was at or near 157.  Now that I’m working out, even though I am currently on the SAME MEDICATION, my cholesterol has dropped 10 to 148!

Wow, huh?

I was pretty excited to get this information, especially since I have been so down because of the lack of movement on my weight.

That said…  I am pretty confident that next week I will start a new program to hopefully kick start my weight loss.  I will follow a program by Alwyn Cosgrove, called Afterburn.  Basically, I will plan to maintain my ~2000 calorie intake, while trying to eat healthily but not crazily.  It does not make sense to me to cut out foods you like because you’ll just end up feeling guilty when you cave in.  In addition to diet (which Cosgrove claims there is no way to compensate with training to overcome a crappy diet), I will lift weights in a circuit training manner as opposed to my typical lifting weights to build muscles.  To me, circuit training means lower weight but higher repetitions and each exercise done right after the previous… without stopping for a rest.  This should also serve as a cardio workout.  Next, Cosgrove recommends a cardio circuit where I will sprint at around 90% effort for 1 minute, then drop down to a recovery speed of 60% effort for 2 minutes.  According to Cosgrove, this should shock the metabolism to continue to burn fat for a considerable amount of time after the workout.

We’ll see…

Beyond my FitDay Journal, link to which is on the right column, I am now keeping a weight loss spreadsheet.  Both of these are a little embarrassing to share with the world, but my thought here is that it will keep me accountable and to help follow through with it all.

  1. Nana says:

    Well, good for you! You’re really looking strong, too. I was going to say that on Sunday, but you know how my brain goes when I get my grandboys together! 😀

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks! That’s better than smelling strong, I guess! 😉

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