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Allie’s First YouTube Video

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Allison is on the hospital’s website

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Allison is now on the hospital's website.  Here is the link:
Website Snapshot

Baby @lbum

Baby @lbum Sacred Heart Medical Center ? Allison LeeAnn Natalie and Jason have chosen the name Allison LeeAnn for their beautiful new girl born at Sacred Heart Medical Center. Birth Statistics Weight:…

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Post Allison Catch Up

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No… not KETCHUP… catch up.  Perhaps “status update” would be a better term to use.

Anyway, as usual, I digress…

We are all doing well and it is now about 17 hours after Allison arrived!  The labor and delivery went smoothly and there were ZERO complications.  Natalie has been up and moving around and seems to be feeling as good as can be hoped for.

Allie has been a dream baby!  Right away she was able latch on and eat.  She was up every couple of hours throughout the night to eat and be changed.  The only time she has really fussed was when she told us she had a dirty.  As you can see in the pictures, she is a beautiful girl… just like Mommy!

With all of the prayers and good luck and good health, we will likely be going home this evening.

Thank you for your support and well wishes!  Please check back for new pictures and info!

Allison LeeAnn Is Born

Posted: May 31, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in twitter

Allison LeeAnn was born at 4:09 PM on 5/30/08.  She weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces and is 20 inches in length, with a head of 13.5 inches.  She was eating within the first hour.  Mother and baby recovering nicely.

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Harvey Loop Jog

Posted: May 29, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health, jogging

I went in to work late today, so I ran at home.  I tried a new route, which I have called Harvey Loop (link at the right).  I also brought a stop watch with me and found that I did the loop in 33 minutes and it was 3.29 miles (according to gmap-pedometer).  Doing the math, that came out to averaging 5.98 MPH… pretty close to the 6 MPH I thought I was doing!

Baby Watch 2008:

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Baby Watch 2008:
Nothing to report as of Sunday morning.

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Hawaiian Shirt Friday

Posted: May 24, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health

Yesterday was Friday, AKA Hawaiian Shirt Friday.

The point, you ask?

Typically, you don’t tuck Hawaiian shirts in and I didn’t yesterday.  The interesting thing I found was that when I dressed myself in the morning, I had tightened my belt to yet ANOTHER hole!  I am now on the tightest hole on my belt!  Even with a tucked in shirt, I’m going to need a new belt in a couple weeks, probably.

I say probably because my loss has tapered off a little this week.  I hope this is a temporary plateau due to eating some of my favorite meals this week and not sticking to any portion control.  Darn spaghetti and meatballs…  I’m aiming to be sub-200 at the start of next week.

Twitter Updates for Allison

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Hey, Faithful Readers!  I just wanted to point out that I have posted my Twitter updates in my menu to the right.  Twitter is an online tool to broadcast mini-updates regarding what you are currently doing, kind of like a micro blog.  At any rate, when Allison is born, I will plan to update Twitter, which will then now post to my blog here at, my MySpace page and also my Facebook page simultaneously.

Slick, huh?

So… stay tuned!

Next Goal

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OK, here it is… My next goal to work toward is going to be 185 pounds by August 1, 2008! Below, I have copied the text from my FitDay page.

200, my current weight, is a comfortable place for me and was a place I stayed for quite a while during college.  However, I am in a life changing mode right now and the weight is coming off at a noticeable rate, so I see no reason to stop before I make a BIG change!

It’s strange to me still to have become a fitness freak.  I am now finding myself WANTING to eat better and NOT WANTING processed/sugary/fatty foods.  I am also being constantly surprised by the extra energy that I have now.  For instance, on Sunday, I weeded our raspberry bed for about 4.5 hours and I then proceeded to turn over a bunch of soil to be able to finish off the bed and put in some lawn edging.  Last summer, I did a smaller patch and was pretty wiped out, but I was actually having fun on Sunday.  Tons more energy and strength.

Anyway, I’m off to bed… & tomorrow starts the race to 185!

Weight Goal Stats

Current Weight
Your weight is 203.6 lb as of 05/20/2008.

Weight Goal
Your goal is to weigh 185  lb by 08/01/2008

Goal Progress
You are currently 18.6  lb above the target weight.

The deadline for your goal is 73 days (10 weeks, 3 days) away.

To meet your goal you need to lose about 1.78 lb per week.

Weightloss Goal #1 Met

Posted: May 16, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

I quickly want to share with you that I found this morning that I have met my goal of weighing 200 pounds before Allie is born!  I cannot remember the last time I was 200 pounds, but I think it was towards the beginning of college, probably around 2000.

I have pushed things a bit this week to meet my goal, so I am expecting a particularly bad Monday next week (weight wise).

From here, I do not have a set goal, yet.  I think I would like to be 185, but will monitor how that goes.  I will give it some thought and crunch some numbers before I come up with a date.  I’ll let you know…