Ending the week with a BANG!

Posted: May 2, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health, jogging

I have lost 4.3 pounds since Monday with a grand total of nearly 20 pounds lost!  My self-induced regimen appears to be working pretty good for me.  Below are my numbers for the week (sorry if the formatting is horrible, a link to a better version is the Weightloss Chart posted at right):

Date           Weight   Wt Lost   %

4/28/2008    210.5    15.5    6.86
4/29/2008    208.4    17.6    7.79
5/1/2008    208.2    17.8    7.88
5/2/2008    206.2    19.8    8.76

These results are a bit skewed, I think, because Monday was particularly heavy and out of the trend.  Still, I am happy.

As my newly found Weight Loss Guru, Alwyn Cosgrove, said, “you can’t out train a crappy diet” and I think that is panning out here.  Last weekend was not particularly stellar for me (caloric intake wise), so then we have Monday… but the rest of the week, I have worked hard and I have eaten well.  I am so close to Goal #1 of 200 pounds!  I am now feeling a little apprehensive for my wife’s Birthday BBQ this weekend.  My numbers next Monday will surely let you know how I did.

Have a good weekend!  I’ll be chasing the 3500!


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