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Posted: June 28, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health

I have recently stopped communicating with a dear friend.

OK, that might be a little stretch, but I have stopped using to log my diet.  It wasn’t necessarily anything I didn’t like about the service because it obviously did what I needed it to (since I was able to lose 30 pounds using that tool).

I moved away from them and to another free service that simply blows me away at the depth of usefulness.  The site I am now using is called  On this site I can track my diet to monitor my calorie intake and share the results with you guys, just like I did on FitDay, but that is just the beginning.  If anyone out there is planning on losing weight, I strongly recommend this site because not only does it do weight loss, but more importantly, it gives you the tools to change your life.  Everything that I have done on my own for researching work outs and diet, SparkPeople lays out for you automatically.  By default, it will give you a diet plan and it will recommend exercises (and also give you a demo of how to do the exercise).  It gives motivation to change your life and not just lose weight and dump you.  And the part I like best?  It incorporates a sense of community.  SparkPeople integrates personalized emails, message boards, groups for like goaled people and they even have their own “social web app” (like mySpace or Facebook) called MySpark pages.  You can check mine out at .  I really wish that I had found this site much sooner.  Hopefully, this post will help you!

Do You Believe?

Posted: June 23, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

Again, I supply you with a copy/paste from Alwyn Cosgrove, a fitness instructor and gym owner, whose blog RSS feed I have subscribed to.  He asks the question, “Do you believe in your trainer?”, but I think the story he shares lays it out for belief in all things.

In belief, you need to be all in or not in at all.

What beliefs to you hold?  Are you all in, would you get in the wheel barrow?

Charles Blondin the tightrope walker announced one day that he wanted to perform a special feat. He wanted to pull a steel cable across the Niagara Falls and walk across the falls from the Canadian side to the American side while pushing a wheel barrow full of rocks.

No one believed he could do such a feat especially a reporter who wrote in the newspaper saying that the tightrope walker was crazy.

So one day he had a steel cable pulled across the Falls and announced he was going to perform this feat on Sunday.

Many people came (to see him fail – and die).

When the time came, he took a wheel barrow full of rocks, got on the steel cable and began his difficult journey.

It was very windy in Niagara and the rushing waters from the falls are very disturbing and frightening. A steel cable that stretched for over a kilometer is very unstable and sways under his feet. One step at a time, he walked that steel cable. Many times he stopped to catch his breath.

About six feet from the end – he pushed the wheel barrow on to the other side – did a cartwheel along the rope and made it to the other side!

When he was getting congratulated, he saw the reporter, the one who wrote in the paper saying that he was crazy. He immediately asked the reporter if he still believed he was crazy. The reporter replied he now believed he wasn’t crazy as he saw the feat being done.

Blondin then asked “Do you think I could do it again?” and the reporter said, “Yes.”

Blondin then asked the reporter, “Do you believe that I can do this again?” to which the reporter replied, “Yes I believe you can do this again”

Blondin then asked again, “Do you really believe?” and the reporter said, “Yes”.

Blondin then emptied the wheel barrow full of rocks and said to him, “If you really believe, get in…”

Sad News

Posted: June 18, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

ZackI’m not sure how to say it elloquently so bear with me…

Our kitty, Zack, died last night. He was the sweetest boy and loved everyone. Probably the nicest cat that I’ve ever met. He was Grant’s buddy. To all of you who have met Zack, I’m sorry to share this news…

2 Week Check Up

Posted: June 13, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in baby, family

Allie had her 2 Week Check Up yesterday afternoon and she was 1 pound heavier and an inch longer than on our first Dr. visit.  The Dr. said that they usually find that the baby has gained back to their birth weight, so Allie is doing well to have gained additional weight.  I don’t remember the specifics, but her length was around the 77th percentile and her weight was near the 50th percentile.  Perhaps Natalie can post a comment with better numbers.

Update: Recommended Fat/Protein/Carbs Ratio

Posted: June 8, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health

My last post on fat/protein/carbs has been my most popular topic and, as a matter of fact, I received a comment on it yesterday.  This prompted me to research a little more.  Evidently, the US Recommended Daily Allowance suggests 30% fat, 20% protein, and 50% carbohydrates.  At the bottom of this post, I have pasted my averages from the past month… guess who is the model for the RDA’s?  It’s me!

Another website, , says:

if trying to lose fat , it’s recommended that you consume about 20% fat and 20% protein

I presume that to also mean 60% carbs.

In either case, I plan to monitor my fats more closely now.  I do not feel that I am eating much fat, so was a little surprised to see it was at 30% of my total intake.  I haven’t looked, but I’m guessing it is coming from dairy (yogurt).  I guess I’ll need to look!

Another site I found while researching is and specifically her body calculator: .  I will be reading through her site for sure!

Average Calories

grams cals %total
Total: 1874
Fat: 60 543 30%
Sat: 19 174 10%
Poly: 11 100 6%
Mono: 23 203 11%
Carbs: 250 907 50%
Fiber: 23 0 0%
Protein: 91 363 20%
Alcohol: 1 7 0%

End of the First Week

Posted: June 8, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in baby, family

I cannot believe that a week has passed by already!

I cannot believe that I will already have to leave my family to go back to work on Monday… ick.

It has been an incredible week, though, and above all I feel blessed.

I feel blessed:

  • that I have a beautiful baby girl to love on and snuggle with
  • that she is healthy
  • that I have a beautiful wife that loves me and takes care of me (better than I deserve)
  • that she is healthy
  • that I have a great son that plays video games, goes on hikes and reads books with me
  • that I am surrounded by family and friends that shower us in love
  • that I have a house for my family
  • that there is food on the table for my family
  • that I am able to enjoy all of this!

OK, enough mush… time to move on to SWEETNESS OVERLOAD!!!  Below is a little video of the week’s pictures of Allie.  I hope you don’t have any cavities, because she is the sweetest thing ever!

Allie is a Photic Sneezer

Posted: June 2, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in baby, family, health

What is a photic sneeze, you ask?

According to Wikipedia:

Photic sneeze reflex is a genetic autosomal dominant trait, which causes sneezing when exposed suddenly to bright light, possibly many times consecutively.

Well, last night as we were getting ready for bed, Natalie walked into the kitchen while holding Allie.  As soon as the kitchen lights hit Allie’s eyes, she promptly sneezed a few times!  That’s my girl!

On the webpage,, I found an interesting statistic regarding passing photic sneezing on to children:

A study in the 1960s showed that the trait is autosomal-dominant—the gene is neither on the X nor Y chromosome and only one copy of the gene has to be present for the trait to be expressed—so if one parent sneezes when they look at a bright light, about half of his or her children will, too.

In my family, photic sneezing is definitely greater than 50% and I have passed it on to 100% of my decendants, evidently.  My paternal grandfather, father and sister are all also photic sneezers.

I guess we have one more sneezer in our ranks!