Finish Line Nearing

Posted: July 3, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health

I am now getting close to my original dream weight.  The proverbial fuzzy cloud, never-gonna-get-there, seemingly impossible goal is 185 pounds and, as of this morning, my weight is 188.7.  A little over 3 pounds to go!

But… as I get close, I see that I am again needing to modify my goal because my body fat % is still in the overweight category (although it is really really close).  My new plan will be to drop at least 5 more pounds and probably closer to 10, but I will let my body dictate where I stop.  So, if I am able to keep up my same average for weight loss, I should be at about 175 at the beginning of August, 2008.


It is at this point, then, where I feel a bit of anxiety because I am on a roll right now, things are going well and I feel good.  Why the anxiety you ask?  Because I don’t know what it looks like to stop doing what I am doing and move to a more “normal” life with my changed behaviors.  What should I eat, what size portions, what exercise should I do and how frequently are all blanks for me at the moment.

I know that this is a kind of petty thing to worry about, so I am going to try, again, to listen to my body and choose healthy foods to eat, figure out how to eat more of them and to find enjoyable forms of exercise, such as family walks/hikes, relaxing jogs, and soccer with Grant.


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