Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome

Posted: July 11, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

I’m playing Dr. Jason and I think I am suffering with Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome. 

Sounds scary… 

Really, it just means that I have a pain in my knee caused by over use.  The pain is mostly just dull becoming slightly sharp when I am over doing it.  I notice while stretching my quads (by bringing my foot up to my rear) that my knee is a bit more “tight” feeling than my other knee, too, although I do not see any swelling.

According to my favorite source of knowledge, Wikipedia:

Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome refers to the earlier stages of the condition, where symptoms are often fully reversible using treatments such as the RICE method (an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), anti-inflammatory painkillers, physiotherapy and treatment of any underlying cause of the pain. It is often simply an overuse injury.

I am now doing my best to not add stress to it while I am exercising and using the RICE method in the evenings at home.

If there are any doctors in the house, please leave a comment with any recommendations and advice.  It will be greatly appreciated!

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