Interesting Numbers From Backpacking Trip

Posted: August 13, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, travel
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I’ve been back to my computer for a few days now and have had some time to crunch some numbers that I found at least semi-interesting.

Daily Hiking Distances:

  • Friday: 3 miles to camp, plus water gathering and extra exploring, we’ll call it 4 miles.
  • Saturday: 4 + miles round-trip to waterfalls, plus water gathering and cross country bushwhack to the far side of Vivian Lake… we’ll call this 5 miles.
  • Sunday: 3 miles back to the trailhead
  • This makes it roughly 12 miles that we all hiked this weekend!  That surprised me that it was that much.

My Calories Burned (according to and only accounting for a 10-20 lb load (mine was probably about 60 (with Grant’s pack))):

  • Friday-2,200 cals
  • Saturday-2,200 cals
  • Sunday-1,650 cals
  • Total – 6,050 calories burned hiking!

Elevation Gained/Lost

  • Friday: Trailhead at 5, 200′ up to 6,000′ just South of Un-named Lake and then camped at 5,440′.  This is 800 feet gained and then 560 lost.
  • Saturday: 5,440′ down to Diamond Falls at 4,200′ and back to camp at 5,440′.  This is 1,240′ lost and then gained!
  • Sunday is the reverse of Friday.

Do you think that’s interesting?  I am still a little stunned by these results.  Oh, and here’s the best of all… I managed to gain a few pounds while doing all this!

  1. Good post. It is amazing how many calories you can burn hiking and back packing. This is the main part of my recent “enough is enough” with being overweight. I like it because it’s not high stress, but it gets the job done. Gaining weight is impressive, though, lol. I guess that means you must have been eating very well while camping out 🙂 Thanks for the post, I’ll have to check out that site you mentioned.

  2. Jason says:

    HEHEHE My son was being a particularly finicky eater, so I ate my share plus his (couldn’t let it go to waste, right)!

    Thanks for commenting and good luck with your continued weight loss!

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