1 Email Account to Rule Them All

Posted: August 28, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in computers, internet
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…& in the darkness bind them?  (Is it a little early for a LotR reference?)

Not quite, but maybe. 

If you are like me, you have an abundance of web-based email accounts.  I have had too many email accounts to count but still use GMail, Hotmail & Yahoo frequently.  It is tedious to check all of these accounts with any consistancy, so messages often do not get responded to in a timely manner.

So, I set out to find a way to pick up all of my mail in one location. 

What I found was IzyMail, a free web-based email forwarding service.  In a nutshell, IzyMail acts as an intermediary between your web-based email and then translates/forwards the emails in a standardized format.  Fortunately, GMail is more standards based than other webmail providers and offers both POP and IMAP, so I can point my GMail account to the IzyMail server to get access to my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.  Instructions for doing this can be found, here

The caveat, however, is that for this to work, IzyMail must have your webmail username/password.  This may be a deal breaker for many people.  For me, I don’t have anything particularly interesting coming through email anyway, so I am not particularly worried.  The benefit, for me, outweighs the danger.

There is an additional benefit for iGoogle-ers that have added the GMail module.  With GMail gathering all of your email for you in one location, you are able to view all of your email directly from your iGoogle start page!

GMail is my account ruling them all!

  1. Jeff Dix says:

    Hi – I signed up for IzyMail (and paid for a one-year subscription) and I liked the service, until I found out that about a week after I signed up, my eBay account was hacked using the information from my Hotmail account. I don’t know if this is an IzyMail person or an outsider, but someone started accessing my Hotmail account RIGHT after I gave the password to IzyMail. I would be very very careful with this service.

  2. Jason says:

    Jeff, thank you for your response!

    I haven’t been hacked, yet, but I am taking your words to heart and killing it. Especially since their free isn’t really free. Thanks again!

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