The BIG 5-0

Posted: September 16, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health
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I hit another milestone today.

No, I didn’t turn 50 years old…  The title gave it away, didn’t it?  

Yes, I have now lost 50 pounds since my heaviest point, weighing in at 226 last November!  I was 176 this morning, even after creamy green chile enchiladas and carrot cake at my Mom’s house last night.  It has taken 2 weeks to lose .3 of a pound because I have been purposefully adding calories back in to my diet.  

I am now at a place where I can be comfortable with my health and weight.  I am definitely going to continue to run and lift and eat properly, but I think a change that I will make will be that I am going to eat when I’m hungry and be very careful about not eating when I am not hungry.  It sounds easy, but I struggle with it at each meal.  Plain and simple, I enjoy eating.  I have found in the past couple of weeks, though, that if I dish out a reasonable portion but make myself wait a couple of minutes after I inhale it, I do tend to be full.  More succintly… I need to take a moment before going for a second helping.

Following this model, I still hope to lose some more belly fat, but it won’t be the major focus that it has been.  I think of this as a transition period, where I will learn the balance necessary to maintain my prize and to also relax a bit and enjoy the benefits.

I will try to quietly lead by example to show those in my circle of influence the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, yet try not to be so pushy that eyeballs roll the moment I leave the room.  

Feel free to ask me if you have questions about how I lost 50 pounds, as you can tell by looking at my blog, I am not shy with the juicy details!


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