Pumpkin Patch

Posted: October 12, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in travel
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Today, since it wasn’t raining, yet, we made our annual pilgrimage to Lone Pine Farm to pick out our Halloween pumpkin.  The weather was actually pretty nice, although the wind was chilly.  We arrived about 1230 and walked around checking out the sights.  We visited with the goats, but none of them wanted much to do with us since we didn’t bring quarters to buy chow to hand to them.  Grant wasn’t all that interested in the side activities and wanted to get down to business picking out pumpkins.  Since the weather was so nice and it wasn’t muddy, either, we decided to walk to the pumpkin patch instead of taking the horse-drawn carriage.  As you can see in the picture, I had Allie in our new backpack (thanks, Craigslist!) and I pushed Grant in the wheel barrow (dad-drawn carriage).  It didn’t take us very long to find the perfect 22 lb. pumpkin in the field packed with various sizes.  On our way back, we stopped to take a bunch of pictures (check Flickr gallery, if you’re interested).  We finished our day at the patch with Grant playing on the playground while Allie had a bite to eat in the car.

Let the holidays begin!

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