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Shore Acres Christmas Lights

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Here is a cute Christmas video from Allie!

This has been an interesting dental week at the Marshall house. On Monday, Allie’s second tooth came in on the lower front, right next to her first. Then, yesterday, as we were visiting my Grandma, Grant LOST his first tooth. He was showing us how he can stick his feet in his mouth (yes, literally) when, we think, his tooth got stuck on his sock. The Tooth Fairy left him a Sacajawea dollar for his tooth and he was pretty excited about it this morning!

Dad is in the Hospital

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I got an update that my dad is in the hospital having  surgery for a broken pelvis. He was evidently shoveling snow from his roof when he slipped and fell to the concrete below. It was in the middle of the night, so I’m not sure, at this point, how he was helped to the hospital. Here is a Cedars-Sinai link to some information on broken pelvis’: . In a nutshell, the pelvis is a series of bones forming three rings, two minor and one major and depending on the number of breaks and stability this can be a life threatening event. Again, I don’t have any information whether the fracture is stable or unstable or which or how many of the pelvic rings are broken or if there was any other damage to internal organs.

I’m sure he is in a lot of pain.  Please send prayers or good thoughts his way.

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Christmas Tree

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Today, we drove to a tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree. It was snowing/raining the entire time and FREEZING! Luckily, I was wearing my new beanie that my little sister made for me from the wool that my grandma gave her… a whole family thing and I love it. Anyway, the tree is in the house now with lights and garland but we will get the ornaments on tomorrow when Grant can help out.

I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

It’s Snowing

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I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and some lightly falling flakes.  The house was dark and quiet while everyone else was sleeping.  I put a pot of coffee on, turned on the outside Christmas lights and watched the snow come down, illuminated softly by the icicle lights.  It was nice.

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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Slowly but surely I am working toward becoming an athlete. A year ago, I was > 55 pounds heavier and couldn’t jog 1/4 mile. Now, I actually miss it if I go too long between runs. It has been an incredible year and I would never have imagined that this would be possible.

Today, I received one more indication of my progress toward fitness. I had my body fat percentage tested… yes, the real test with the calipers pinching my flesh.

The result?

My body fat percentage is 8.02%!

In July, I was at 22.5% and I thought I was really good then…

I am so glad that I started keeping track of things like this. It just blows my mind.

Allie’s Thanksgiving Feast

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Allie had her first solid food on Thanksgiving!

Skyler Update

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Below is an email from Natalie with some sad news regarding Skyler…
So I only have to say it once… Skyler was on our back deck when I came home from work on Tuesday.   He was a mess…very thin and had a goopy nose.  We took him to the vet immediately and they prescribed antibiotics and gave him fluids laced w/ some sort of “energy booster.”  He was very weak but purring constantly.  I’ve been treating him for 2 days, but when I went to give him his meds this morning he was really bad off.  I though he was either gone or very close to it, so took him to the vet again.  He was still with us, but I couldn’t let him suffer any more.  So, we’ll be having yet another difficult discussion and burial tonight.  Thought you’d like to know…

News Update

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It has been a crazy couple of days with news worthy of sharing.

#1 – Allie’s first tooth is coming in!  She doesn’t seem to be fussing much, if at all.  She’s such a good baby.  Once it is more visible, I’ll be sure to get a pic!

#2 – Skyler came home!  Natalie came home yesterday and our cat, Skyler, who has been missing for 6 months, was on our back porch.  He looked like he had waded through a swamp and was super skinny.  He used to be 9 pounds and was 6 at the vet.  He’s very sick and we hope to nurse him back to health.  I’ll keep you posted.

#3 – It was a really crazy day at work and there were 3 VERY high profile people fired. I’m OK, but it is still “weird” and disconcerting.  It felt good to be home this evening.  I hope tomorrow returns to normalcy.

Fish Ladder

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Over the long holiday weekend, Grant & I & cousin Jacob sneaked out of the house to go check out the fish ladder in Winchester, OR.  We didn’t see any fish, but it is a pretty interesting place, none the less.