Testing For Our Trip, Round II

Posted: August 20, 2009 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

1st try was unsuccessful, so here goes round 2 (round 1 is below)…

Hello World!

I’m trying to think ahead about updating the world on our vacation & I think I have come up with a plan. Since internet on the ship may be flaky or potentially non-existent, I will keep a journal offline and then when I have internet available, I will upload the updates. Interestingly, Gmail has an offline feature that will work nicely for this purpose. So, I will compose an email offline and when I can get online next, Gmail will send it out to everyone! Even better, I have setup my blog to accept the email updates, so my posts should also show up there!

I will likely be posting pictures to Facebook, since I can post there for free (as opposed to Flickr). I will post a link to the album when it gets created.

That is all for now… Hopefully, when I plug the internet cable back in, this email will be sent out to you all AND be posted on https://jgrantmarshall.wordpress.com !


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