Vacationing Is Tough

Posted: August 23, 2009 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

We were up at 0400 to be on the road by 0500. I love being on a road trip and up before dawn is a part of any good road trip. As we were nearing the "fruit check" on the CA border, we had been going back and forth with some Canadians in a van… basically they blew past us on the straight stretches but they had troubles on the curves… anyway, as they were blowing past us, they also blew past a police officer. Finally, a cop where you wanted one!

We ate lunch at In n Out in Woodland, CA. I had a Double-double, with fries, plus most of Nat’s fries and it was as good as I had hoped! Definitely worth the calories! It is a darn good thing that the closest one to us is in Redding because I would definitely eat there waaaaaay too often!

Along the way, I must have seen 8-10 squashed coyotes and red-tail hawks along the roadside and loads of "Dust bowl created by Congress" signs (Google returned this blog: ).

For dinner, we found a Pat and Oscars which was one of our favorites when we lived in San Diego. It was also just as good as I remembered. We had a dinner for 2 special with breadsticks, salad & BBQ chicken… and again I finished a good portion of Nat’s meal! I said I was practicing for the cruise.

After dinner, we checked in to our hotel room and then drove north on the Pacific Coast Highway to the Santa Monica Pier. It cost $10 to park at the pier so we drove around and parked for free at Sears and walked an extra couple of blocks. The fog had rolled in but it was still about 70 degrees outside. The pier was pretty cool shrouded in fog and the Ferris Wheel lights made the whole area glow. We were both amazed at how many people were still out and about on the pier.

We’re now back at the hotel room and I’m going to try to upload some pics to Facebook before going to sleep. OK, the album is here:

Tomorrow, once we’re up, the plan is to head directly to the ship.

Well… talk to you next time I find internet!


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