Day 2: Our First Full Day

Posted: August 24, 2009 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

Today was our first full day onboard and it has been eventful!

I woke up at 0700, which is much better than 0400. If anyone actually put bets down… yes, I could not help myself and had to workout today. I ran two miles (5x around the track made for a mile) and my time was 15:10, for an average of 7:35 min/mi, which is faster than I normally go. I guess I’m a show off. After running I did a quick workout in the gym of 20 pullups (wide grip, no kip), 50 consecutive pushups and 6 dips. We pre-ordered breakfast room service the previous night to arrive between 0800-0830. We won’t do that again because the eggs and sausage were gross but the fruit and coffee were good though.

Once we had eaten and made ourselves presentable, I climbed the rock wall! I was a little nervous as I waited in line because everyone was having some difficulty, but I totally flew up the "easy" course! On the 2nd try, the worker girl advanced me to a tougher course. It probably was not good form but I let go w/ my feet at one point and pulled up with my upper body to get a foot hold on an over hang… it felt pretty cool! I made it up the more difficult course, ringing the bell in under a minute.

After climbing the rock wall, we headed in to an hour long presentation of the Shore & Shopping team. We bought a coupon book for a variety of free stuff in port and also got a sticker for our SeaPass (AKA ship ID) that allows us 2-for-1 Drink of the Day’s. I guess we’ll be drinking at least one of those apiece per day and collecting the souvenir glasses! 🙂

Next up, was the Royal Caribbean Belly Flop Contest! A bunch of big guys and a couple of not real big guys did their best to make the biggest splash with their belly flop. The crowd judged the flop by holding up the number of fingers they wanted to assign and Dave, the ship’s Activity Director, did a quick (really quick, auctioneer-style) tally. A big guy from Cleveland won the competition. Natalie and I enjoyed our Drink of the Day, a Salud, as the sun beat down on us.

At 1400, we ate lunch in the Windjammer. I am finding that I particularly like the Jade Café which is Oriental/Indian cuisine. Today I had curried chick peas… yum! I also had salmon, perch, chicken and salad… plus a few desserts! My favorite dessert, so far, is the Royal Chocolate pie. It is very rich and decadent! As we were eating (we were sitting right next to the big windows), I saw several somethings shimmering in the water toward the front of the ship. It almost looked like the sun reflecting off of someone’s watch, but about 50 yards away the reflections made a splash in the water. I think that it was flying fish playing in our wake! I saw multiple schools doing this. Might have to google this when there is reliable internet. After lunch, I went to the pool to sunbathe and swim. There was a pretty good reggae/Caribbean band playing live music for me to groove to while I hung out. I stayed down at the pool until it was time to freshen up for dinner.

It was Formal Night at dinner, so we got all spiffed up and headed up to the dining room. For my appetizer, I tried escargot for the first time! It was actually really good! Yes, Grant, your father ate a bunch of snails and he liked them! Ewwwww! My main course was broiled duck and for dessert I had Grand Marnier Soufle.

After dinner, we celebrated with Captain Per and had a few glasses of champagne in the Royal Promenade. Later, we took a walk out to the front of the ship where the warm night air greeted us. This was probably my favorite moment of the trip so far as the stars and moon were out and it was dark out front, allowing us to enjoy the sight better. We even think we saw dolphins playing and splashing in the water right below us. Incredible! We can’t wait to come back in the daylight!

  1. Grace says:

    Stopped by to read your Yumm! recipe … Ended up watching your little cutie walk… She is a cutie !!

    Hugs…Grace, Washington State

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