Day 3: Cabo

Posted: August 25, 2009 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

Day 3 is at an end and I am wistfully thinking of Cabo. Today completely flew by and I feel like I could spend another week in Cabo.

We woke at around 0700… actually, I was sleeping soundly and Natalie had wisely set a wake-up-call. I did not workout, even though I had planned on jogging, because 1) I didn’t feel like it & 2) I knew I would get plenty of exercise in port. We each had a fruit plate and coffee brought to our room by room service. I could get used to that for sure! The ship got to port earlier than anticipated and I was able to watch the final 15 minutes from the front deck. Did I mention last time that that is my favorite part of the ship. Natalie tells me that I am easy to please. If I could have a Lazy Boy and a fridge stocked with beer up there, I would not leave. 🙂

In Cabo, we had to tender in to the port, which means that the ship is "anchored" out in the bay and we take little covered boats to the pier. The process went incredibly smoothly and the only thing that came close to slowing us down was to flash our SeaPass to the lady scanning them to get a head count. It was incredibly hot and humid and when I stepped outside, my sunglasses fogged up. It was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since we are official Shopping Club VIP’s, we spent the first part of the day shopping. Natalie got bunches of freebies for being a club member and found many good deals on trinkets. She is definitely a bargainer! On our travels, we stopped by the Cabo Inn which is where we spent our honeymoon… many moons ago. It is under new ownership, but the new owner was fantastic. He assisted us with our phone card (actually said to forget about it and buy a "LadaTel" one that will work with the phones, which did work, but we still missed talking to the kids because they were not home.) The owner also invited us to tour around and to check out what they’d done to the top floor. They had made two open air suites, one with a hot tub, and added a library sitting area. Sorry, Monte, our cigar smoking patio is now a suite… progress, eh? Speaking of progress, I was amazed (OK & a little saddened) by how much Cabo has changed since our last visit. The Planet Hollywood is gone and replaced by a shopping mall (nice A/C and had some good deals with no haggling required), the streets were all paved, numerous new shops/restaurants/venues surrounding the marina and the Gigglin’ Marlin looked to be closed (but there was loads of construction around the area). We had lunch at the Shrimp Factory where we split a kilo of shrimp and had a few margaritas. After lunch, we cruised the length of the marina and went to Medano Beach where we found a table in the sand at the Mango Deck. DJ Raul had the crowd engaged as he played various games with the crowd like Name That Tune and a drinking game (crowd vs. crew). The crew won but thanks to an enterprising young lady we were all given a shot of tequila-ish stuff. We ate some guacamole that was prepared to our liking at our table and had a few more margaritas. Yes, Barb, Natalie had yours and hers and possibly mine… While we enjoyed the antics at the Mango Deck, I cooled off in the ocean a few times, although the water was nowhere near cool. Closer to bathwater, but it was awesome, nonetheless, and was my favorite part of the day. We finished up the day at the beach and caught a water taxi to the pier to reboard the ship.

Once onboard, we had just enough time to freshen up and go straight to dinner. We were the only ones at our table tonight… I guess not showering last night did the trick to get rid of the other couple, or maybe it was the snail eating. Tonight, I ate antipasti, lamb chop and had tiramisu for dessert.

Well, we’re off for the comedy show now… talk at you tomorrow from Mazatlan!


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