Day 4: Mazatlan

Posted: August 27, 2009 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

Day 4… Are you serious? I have no idea how it could possibly be the end of day 4 already. Today was a fun day… Natalie said it was her favorite so far. I have loved Cabo, but Mazatlan definitely kicks it up a notch. There is definitely something for everyone here!

The day started for me when I woke up at about 0545 to go running. I was up before the crew was done cleaning and they had half the running track closed so I ran down on the treadmill. This just so happened to be a good thing because my trusty Timex watch finally died yesterday in the surf in Cabo so I was able to time myself on the treadmill. I ran 3 miles in 23:22 as I watched the sun come up over the bow of the ship. Land was coming in sight by the end of the run, so I hurried down to the room. We again scrambled to get ready as we chowed down on the fruit plate and coffee from room service. When we were put together, we again headed to the Windjammer to top off on breakfast for the day.

I read on that there was a "Communications Station" in the terminal in Mazatlan, so we were excited to make an inexpensive call to talk to the kids and to get on the internet. The only problem was that they didn’t open for another hour after we got there, but that gave Natalie a chance to do some shopping. About 45 minutes later, the worker arrived and got us set up on the internet. Showing my company badge got me an hour of internet for $2 (US) and I was able to upload the first few days of pictures to Facebook. Have you seen them yet? Check for the link in the first post since I am back to having no internet right now… sorry. Following that Natalie called and talked to Grant. It was great to hear how the kids were and to just hear Grant’s voice. We both miss the kids quite a bit.

Next, we boarded a taxi for the 10 minute ride to the Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone. Natalie shopped and we ate nachos on a beach front restaurant. I let my lunch rest for a bit before proceeding down to the ocean to do some body surfing. I caught a few really good waves that carried me at least 50 yards. I must have looked like I was having fun to others because I soon had a group of about 6 people joining me in body surfing! Royal Caribbean had a deal with the Las Flores resort allowing us to use their property, so we also cooled off in their pool before hailing a pulmonia for a ride back to Old Town. The pulmonia looks like a VW Thing that has a high canopy covering the passengers. I had purchased a ballena of Pacifico which I enjoyed on the trip. Man, I love Mexico!

We shopped in what the driver called the mercado for the next hour or so. It was like a huge farmer’s market in a city block sized warehouse with everything you can think of available to purchase. We walked to an old cathedral before continuing to walk back to the ship. Next time, Natalie says, we get a taxi because the 10-12 minute walk turned into at least a half hour for us, plus it was too hot. Actually, compared to Cabo, it wasn’t too bad because it was at least manageable (with beer) šŸ™‚ !

Dinner tonight was casual or Caribbean style which gave me a reason to wear a Hawaiian shirt. I ended up eating a completely vegetarian meal and unfortunately, not much of it, so it was back to the Windjammer for me. There I ate sushi, miso soup, and various desserts. Prior to that I checked my weight on the Dr’s scale (Nat needed to pick up some dramamine (sp?) because the ship has been doing some rockin’ and rollin’ the past two nights) and my weight was exactly what it was before the trip, so I had a green light to eat as many desserts as I wanted! I am now feeling like a ballena myself (ballena is whale in Spanish).

After dinner, we tried making it to the ice show but it was completely full. It will play again on Friday and now we have some free time to relax and for me to write to you guys. Next up at 2230 (ugh, we are already tired), is the "Love and Marriage" show which I have been told numerous times is a show not to be missed. I think we will have to miss the midnight BBQ tomorrow… when do these people sleep? …or when did I get old?

  1. Nana says:

    Hey waitaminute there, Buster! No gettin’ old — ‘cuz what would that make me??? hehehe. Glad you’re havin’ such a good time!

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