Day 5: Puerto Vallarta

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Port days are just crazy. The day starts out rushed, waking up early, and go-go-going all day long until you collapse at the end in a tired, worn out pile. We are both very glad tomorrow is a sea day so we can go at a more relaxed pace and get the rest that hasn’t happened, yet.

Today, I slept in a little bit but not as much as Natalie. While she slept, the ship docked and I went out exploring for an hour. I found a great stretch of beach that was literally a stones throw from the ship… if you can throw a long way. There were various beach resorts and hundreds of palapas to sit under. I walked about a quarter of a mile and stopped at a resort called Krystal (I think) because it had a very nice pool and lounge area. There was a pool bar, a number of bridges and a great view of the ocean. It would have been a great place to spend the day, but I needed to get back to meet Nat at the ship. On my return, I stumbled on a newly hatched sea turtle. The shells of his brothers and sisters all appeared to have been hatched previously and they were gone. I watched him for awhile before continuing back.

When Natalie was ready, we did a little bit of shopping near the dock. As we started the search for a taxi to the Malecon, we stopped or were stopped by a lady offering massages. We turned down the massage deal, but she gave us the insider tip to take the bus downtown instead of a taxi because it would only cost 50 cents apiece. The bus ride was a fun adventure and I only thought we might die twice. Not entirely kidding.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta was fun and there was loads to see and do. Just like the previous two stops, there simply is not enough time to properly visit the port city and we felt rushed to see the basics. Looking back on it, next time it may be better to just focus on one thing, say just go shopping or just do water sports or just go sight seeing and forget about trying to do anything else. Even as I write that, though, I know that isn’t right either. Not enough time in port is probably the only thing I dislike about cruising. Today was hot and humid again, so shopping was a pretty sweaty affair. I had to stop for beer a couple of times and wait in the shade while Natalie visited the shops. While waiting, I met a Canadian ex-pat who had retired down there and we talked for probably 15 minutes. He said what I would say when his friends ask him what he does to stay busy in PV, he said, "Whatever the hell I want to do!" …& that, in a nutshell, is exactly why you go to Mexico. We saw and took pictures of the famous statues lining the Malecon and one of them counts as a Geocache (the only one I was able to do). We also walked up to the cathedral of our lady of Guadalupe. I say "walked up" because the city rises straight back into the surrounding hills/mountains from the beach. The only level spot is the beach. We did not do any swimming in that area because it is now the rainy season and there are about a dozen rivers draining muddy water into the bay, so the water looked more like chocolate milk.

We called it a day a little early and went back to the ship and ate a late lunch at Johnny Rockets, which is a 50’s-style burger joint on deck 12. On a side note, we spotted a Johnny Rockets on the marina in Cabo, too. Anyway, this was our first experience and it was a fun one! We each had a load of fries and onion rings to start, followed by a Double Rocket (2x 1/3 pound patty and Tillamook cheese) and finished with an Oreo sundae. The service, as has always been the case on the cruise, was perfect. When we started getting close to finished with our fries, the waiter took away our "cold" plate of fries and gave us more "hot" fries. The staff even cranked up the tunes and danced along with "Twist".

This evening we have played shuffleboard, watched a magic show, eaten a late dinner at the Windjammer and are about to go to the Quest show. I don’t know what the show is about but we keep being told it is not to be missed for adults. After that is Awesome 80’s night in the Dragon’s Lair dance club.

Good night, All!

  1. Debbie Holm says:

    Just read all of your vacation posts, sounds like you had a great time. I read them to Grandma Priscilla, she laughed and laughed (and remembered the cruise she and Jerry had been on). Somehow, I think your cruise is going to be much different than the one Uncle Gary and I will go on. I don’t see either of us body surfing or climbing the rock wall on the ship but, the dessert action – Uncle Gary will be all over that. Can’t wait till you get home. Kiss the kids for us. See you in December.

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