Day 3: Juneau

Posted: July 11, 2010 by jgrantmarshall in alaska, cruise

Allie had a marginally better night, but still woke up at least 4 times. My last time was at about 530AM, which was 630 in our home time. I couldn’t sleep anymore, so grabbed the laptop and cameras to head up to deck 5 to watch the world go by and to type up my notes and to transfer pictures to the laptop. We are now in the Inside Passage and the seas are tranquil. Much more pleasant! The view was also pleasant with forested mountains peaked with snow. There were also many little islands dotting the waterway.


Juneau greeted us with a constant mist and short bursts of rain through the whole day. From the pier we hopped on a tour bus for the quick ride into town. We stopped by MGT (Mighty Great Trips) to purchase our tickets out to Mendenhall Glacier and were told that it would be a few hours until our trip. That made for a perfect opportunity to ride the Mount Roberts Tramway! The tramway ride was a highlight of Juneau with superb views down to the ship. After Mount Roberts, we had just enough time to grab a quick bite before our tour to Mendenhall.


Our time at the Mendenhall Glacier was way too short. We had just enough time to snap some pictures and catch a quick video at the Visitor Information Center before having to get back on the tour bus. In the video I learned that the reason why glaciers have a blue tint is due to the crystalline structure of the ice and as the structure breaks down, the ice goes from blue to white. There was easily an entire day’s worth of exploring around this area, but it was cold and rainy anyway, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Our bus driver took us for a short tour around Juneau to end our trip.


The remainder of our time in Juneau was spent shopping downtown. It was evident that tourism from the cruise lines fueled downtown Juneau.


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