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Cholesterol Results

Posted: July 27, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, google, health
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I went to the Doctor earlier in the week to have some blood drawn to check my cholesterol levels and I got the results back today.  That has got to be the fastest turn around time that I’ve ever had for test results!


My cholesterol level was 130 mg/dl, down from my previous 2 at 157 and 148 respectively!  I still will need to take medication, but all metrics were finally in normal categories.

I have been eating oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey (Quaker Old Fashioned and not the instant packets) for about a month now.  Perhaps that helps to explain the 18 point drop since March.  I switched from the packets because I could eat about 2x as much for the same amount of calories and not necessarily for the cholesterol lowering properties that they tout on the commercials.

Also, I just entered these results in my Google Health account and while I was there, I changed my weight from 200 to 185.  That was a pretty good feeling… 15 pounds since March… and I thought I felt good then!  However, just to ensure I was again grounded, Google Health nicely computed my BMI for me… 25.1.  The cutoff for “normal weight” was 24.9.  Still overweight, according to BMI.  Oh, well.  Just something to stoke the fire.

How to QUICKLY keep up with us

Posted: August 29, 2007 by jgrantmarshall in computers, google, internet, Uncategorized

In this article, I will show you how to subscribe to my RSS feed so that you can always be up to date when new stuff is written on this blog and you don’t have to manually come to the page all the time.

Let’s start with a definition of RSS.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and basically broadcasts to the world when a particular page is updated.  When I add something to “My Caffeine Induced Blog”, the broadcast goes out worldwide that I have done so.  Then, on your side, an RSS Reader (client) lets you know of this updated broadcast once you are “subscribed” to my broadcast. 

There are an increasing number of free RSS Readers now, such as Google Reader, Reddit, Outlook 2007, the built in gadget for Windows Vista OS, and SharpReader.  I use Google Reader and will use it for my instructions because I know that many of my frequent readers also use iGoogle for a start page.

Begin by signing up for a Google account.  This can be done from, if you like.  Once you have a Google account, you can log in to Google Reader at the same URL (  On the left column there is a big link to “Add Subscription”.  In the box that opens up, you will enter the address of my feed (or broadcast) which is, and then press the “Add” button.  Congratulations, you are now subscribed and you will now know immediately whenever I update my blog!  If you are interested, you may also subscribe to the RSS feed for my Flickr pictures using this address: .  When adding subscriptions from within Google Reader, there is also a “Browse” button that should allow you to see some other popular feeds from sources such as CNN, Reuters, BBC and other news sources that you like.

OK, so that is cool, right, but it still requires going to an extra page.  So, here is where the true magic of Google comes in… Set your internet start page to iGoogle and add the Google Reader module to your iGoogle page.  Now, everytime you fire up your browser you have all the latest news that interests you (and updates from me) right in front of your eyeballs!

The Ultimate Search for Bourne with Google

Posted: July 27, 2007 by jgrantmarshall in games, google, internet

I have been playing an online game/advertising gimmick called, “The Ultimate Search for Bourne with Google“.  It has been pretty fun (and is still happening, so you can still join), allowing you to use Google tools and your super-spy-senses to search for Jason Bourne, hero and title character of the upcoming move, “The Bourne Ultimatum“.  Presumably, you can win prizes, but it is fun anyway.

Today’s puzzle was pretty easy for me because I took sooooo much time figuring it out yesterday and today’s puzzle built upon yesterday’s.  (As is the case with me usually, there is the easy way and then there’s my way…) 

In researching my post, I found the link below which supplies cheats to the puzzles… so if you’re in it just for the prize, it can’t get much easier for you!