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Posted: November 10, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, health, sports
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With the rainy weather starting, I have had to bring my runs inside. The decision was made, not because I am worried about getting wet/cold, but because I don’t want to run without my MP3’s. I know that it probably sounds silly, but it just isn’t the same without my tunes! Well, my next “woe is me” is that I *really* dislike the treadmill now.

So, where does that leave me for working out?

I have known about CrossFit for about 5 months and have even completed a program that Men’s Health ripped off from CrossFit. CrossFit is a high intensity, semi short duration workout that focuses on total body conditioning. OK, my description really sounds crummy, so perhaps an example would be better.

Each evening, I go to to see what the following day’s workout will be. A new workout is posted each day.  The next morning, I follow the prescribed workout and “scale” or modify the workout, as needed.  So far, I have only modified workouts due to not having the correct equipment and not because I could not do the prescribed workout.  In various workouts last week, I found myself doing over 50 pullups and running over 10 MPH.  I’m already impressing myself after only 1 week and can’t wait to see where I am at the end of December.  I plan on sticking with CrossFit for 6 weeks, 5 days a week, and then evaluating how I feel.

I am Iron Man.  🙂

Kickers Win Convincingly

Posted: November 1, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, sports
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The final score of the final game for the Fall 2008 season was 4 – 0, Kickers! The team played well despite the rain and despite being without Coach Ken. I helped out Coach Heather today by assisting the defense. Zero points allowed… I’m sure it was due to my coaching skills, right? I think all of the kids had a good time and enjoyed the BBQ afterward.

For anyone counting, the Kickers did not lose any games this season, although there were a few ties at the beginning.

Good Season, Kickers!

Ducks vs. SunDevils

Posted: October 27, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in sports
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Check out this run…

ASU Players, this is why your coach tells you not to stop until the whistle blows.  As a Duckfan, I love the final few seconds where it shows a player that looks like a linebacker with a look like, “Wha… he is down, right?”

Go Ducks!

Kickers Win

Posted: October 26, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in sports
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Today was a big day for the Kickers as they won their game, 2-0.  They played pretty well as a team and spent most of the game near the other team’s goal.  Cooper knocked the first one in and Grant booted the second one into the goal.  We have only 2 more practices and one more game this season.  It is too bad because I think a lot of the First Graders are just now getting it.  Oh, well… it will give us something to look forward to in the Spring!

Another Tie Game

Posted: October 20, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in sports
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Last Saturday’s game ended in another tie, 1-1, which, as a spectator, is a lot better than 0-0!  The opposing team scored early during a bit of confusion near the goal.  The Kickers were able to tie it up, though, toward the end of the game.  Again, we were treated to a bit of teamwork by the Kickers as they passed the ball to each other to move it up the field.  It is a nice change to the usual scrum that happens when the kids just chase the ball around in a pack!  Grant played hard, played great defense and had numerous shots at the goal.

Kickers Update

Posted: October 12, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in sports
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Hello Kickers Fans!

For those who may have missed a game, Grant’s team is undefeated… er, kinda.  They won the first, tied 1-1 on the second game and neither team scored today (we call that a defensive battle 🙂  !)

Grant is having lots of fun.  Three of the boys (Grant, Cooper & Rogelio) showed signs of actually passing the ball to each other today!  That was the first time that I have ever seen that on ANY of Grant’s previous teams.  Unfortunately, that didn’t start until the end of the game.  It would have been interesting to see what might have happened if that started clicking earlier.  I hope to see it next week and I hope that Coach Ken has an idea of how to reinforce that in practice.

Goodbye, Coach

Posted: October 10, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in school, sports, travel
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I got the news last Saturday that my high school football coach, Howard Johnson, had been killed on Friday night.  He was on his way to watch the season’s first league football game when another vehicle lost control and smashed into his driver’s side door.  I have been trying, since then, to come up with the words to put down on this blog but I have not yet found the right things to say.

I suppose I am mostly saddened that the world has lost a hero.

I did not know Coach beyond the field, but from my vantage he was the real deal.  I suppose, then, that the best thing I can do is to share with you my memories of Coach Johnson, so that you can share with me this loss.

Coach was big on respect.  It was strongly recommended to wear a shirt and tie on game day… even if it was going to be a two hour road trip to Eugene.  Hats were not worn sideways and pants were pulled up.  He also re-inforced the respect needed between team mates, coaches and those around us.

Coach was a religious man and without being pushy about it, shared it with us.  As a team, we prayed before and after games, real prayers and not moments of silence.

Coach was generous.  On Monday nights, he and his family opened their home to us to get together and eat spaghetti and watch Monday Night Football.  I am lucky enough to have a great family of my own, but I would imagine  that for many of my team mates this was their only look into what a real family is like.

Coach was a man who walked it like he talked it and therefore is a hero in my eyes.  I am sure his passing has touched many more than he would have expected.  And I am also sure that I am not alone in tearing up with the thought that he has left this world on his way to watch his North Bend Bulldogs, that he coached for over 20 years, beat Sutherlin.

Goodbye, Coach.  Thank you!

(If you’re interested in reading more, here is a link to the local newspaper report.)

Ducks Spring Game

Posted: April 29, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, sports
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Go Ducks!On Saturday, Grant and I watched the Oregon Ducks in their annual Spring Game.  This was the first football game that Grant has ever been to and he had a great time.  He asked lots of questions… which, to me, showed a lot of interest.  The weather was absolutely perfect, although I did end up with a sun burn on the top of my head (despite sun block and a hat… don’t ask.)

It was great to see that there is some hope for the upcoming season.  Justin Roper, in my opinion, will definitely be the starting QB in the fall, despite to the reports that Costa will be the signal caller for the Ducks.  Blount was awesome as RB, too.  Don’t count the Ducks out next year!

Grant and I had a great time spending Father-Son time watching his first football game.  Thank you, University of Oregon for the fun Spring day!

A Compliment for Grant

Posted: April 29, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, games, sports
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Today was soccer practice for Grant.  One of the major differences for him this season (as opposed to the previous 3) is that he is now able to keep up with the other kids while running around.  Previously, everyone else would run circles around him.  Now, he runs like he is practically jet propelled!  After practice, his coach came up to us to say that Grant is quite a runner… and then… he said that Grant is a VERY good Goalie!  As a matter of fact, he said that Grant does things as Goalie that he would expect of 5th or 6th graders and he said that he should know because HE is a goalie in an adult league.  Wow!

Dawg House Jog

Posted: April 19, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in health, jogging, snow, sports
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I got up this morning and took a jog at The Dawg House (link also in my Fitness links on the right).  This was a pretty nice run around the local Elementary and High School on a fairly newly placed bark chip path.  It is 1 mile per lap and I did 2 laps plus running there and a bit around town to make 30 minutes total running time.  Feels good to get up and active rather than snoozing all morning long.  Oh, I almost forgot… there was a small dusting of SNOW on the ground when I woke up today.  Man, I thought it was supposed to be April…