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Pumpkin Patch

Posted: October 26, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, travel
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Here’s a quick video that I slapped together of our trip to the pumpkin patch at Lone Pine Farm, near Eugene, OR.  It was a really nice day and the crowds were pretty light, so a pretty remarkable day!  The weather was so nice that we decided to walk out to the patch instead of taking the horse-drawn cart.

Pumpkin Patch

Posted: October 12, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in travel
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Today, since it wasn’t raining, yet, we made our annual pilgrimage to Lone Pine Farm to pick out our Halloween pumpkin.  The weather was actually pretty nice, although the wind was chilly.  We arrived about 1230 and walked around checking out the sights.  We visited with the goats, but none of them wanted much to do with us since we didn’t bring quarters to buy chow to hand to them.  Grant wasn’t all that interested in the side activities and wanted to get down to business picking out pumpkins.  Since the weather was so nice and it wasn’t muddy, either, we decided to walk to the pumpkin patch instead of taking the horse-drawn carriage.  As you can see in the picture, I had Allie in our new backpack (thanks, Craigslist!) and I pushed Grant in the wheel barrow (dad-drawn carriage).  It didn’t take us very long to find the perfect 22 lb. pumpkin in the field packed with various sizes.  On our way back, we stopped to take a bunch of pictures (check Flickr gallery, if you’re interested).  We finished our day at the patch with Grant playing on the playground while Allie had a bite to eat in the car.

Let the holidays begin!

Goodbye, Coach

Posted: October 10, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in school, sports, travel
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I got the news last Saturday that my high school football coach, Howard Johnson, had been killed on Friday night.  He was on his way to watch the season’s first league football game when another vehicle lost control and smashed into his driver’s side door.  I have been trying, since then, to come up with the words to put down on this blog but I have not yet found the right things to say.

I suppose I am mostly saddened that the world has lost a hero.

I did not know Coach beyond the field, but from my vantage he was the real deal.  I suppose, then, that the best thing I can do is to share with you my memories of Coach Johnson, so that you can share with me this loss.

Coach was big on respect.  It was strongly recommended to wear a shirt and tie on game day… even if it was going to be a two hour road trip to Eugene.  Hats were not worn sideways and pants were pulled up.  He also re-inforced the respect needed between team mates, coaches and those around us.

Coach was a religious man and without being pushy about it, shared it with us.  As a team, we prayed before and after games, real prayers and not moments of silence.

Coach was generous.  On Monday nights, he and his family opened their home to us to get together and eat spaghetti and watch Monday Night Football.  I am lucky enough to have a great family of my own, but I would imagine  that for many of my team mates this was their only look into what a real family is like.

Coach was a man who walked it like he talked it and therefore is a hero in my eyes.  I am sure his passing has touched many more than he would have expected.  And I am also sure that I am not alone in tearing up with the thought that he has left this world on his way to watch his North Bend Bulldogs, that he coached for over 20 years, beat Sutherlin.

Goodbye, Coach.  Thank you!

(If you’re interested in reading more, here is a link to the local newspaper report.)

Last Sunday, we spent the day on Cooper Creek Reservoir, near (Sutherlin, Oregon) in celebration of Barb’s birthday.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had the lake to ourselves for the entire morning.  The kids fished and us men-folk joined the kids in a brisk swim.

Check out the quick video below and be sure to watch it in “high quality” if you have a good internet connection!

Circus Video

Posted: September 6, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in home videos, travel
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Clown Show

Posted: August 28, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, travel
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While at the Lane County Fair, we watched the clown show, Jest in Time.  We thought it was pretty funny and even got to share the spotlight.

Ah, good times!

Florence Trip

Posted: August 19, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family, home videos, travel
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Quick video of our trip to the coast to escape the heat on Sunday.