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Cholesterol Results

Posted: July 27, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in fitness, google, health
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I went to the Doctor earlier in the week to have some blood drawn to check my cholesterol levels and I got the results back today.  That has got to be the fastest turn around time that I’ve ever had for test results!


My cholesterol level was 130 mg/dl, down from my previous 2 at 157 and 148 respectively!  I still will need to take medication, but all metrics were finally in normal categories.

I have been eating oatmeal with a tablespoon of honey (Quaker Old Fashioned and not the instant packets) for about a month now.  Perhaps that helps to explain the 18 point drop since March.  I switched from the packets because I could eat about 2x as much for the same amount of calories and not necessarily for the cholesterol lowering properties that they tout on the commercials.

Also, I just entered these results in my Google Health account and while I was there, I changed my weight from 200 to 185.  That was a pretty good feeling… 15 pounds since March… and I thought I felt good then!  However, just to ensure I was again grounded, Google Health nicely computed my BMI for me… 25.1.  The cutoff for “normal weight” was 24.9.  Still overweight, according to BMI.  Oh, well.  Just something to stoke the fire.