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Backpacking: Part II

Posted: July 31, 2009 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized
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Well, I didn’t end up packing much last night, so it is now down to crunch time tonight. I just picked up some dried fruit so I think we should now be good for supplies.  What are we eating, you ask?  Here’s the plan: !

Now, as everyone should know, it is important to leave information with someone on where you will be and when you’ll be back. I am, of course, telling my wife, but I am also telling you, Internet. Here is a link to my Google Map of where we’ll be from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon:,-122.190542&spn=0.023131,0.038581&t=h&z=15 .

Goodman Creek Hike

Posted: February 17, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

With the nice weather this week, I have been hearing the call of the trail.  Luckily, the weather held on Saturday so Grant and I headed for the hills.  We took the opportunity to do some Geocaching, too, while we were out.  The hike followed what I assume is Goodman Creek.  We walked about 2 miles back in and were treated to a beautiful waterfall.  Near the waterfall, we found a sunny patch to eat our snacks before heading back.  We were going to drive to a couple more Geocaches but were thwarted by both snow and downed trees.  This was a fun area that I will be certain to visit again in the Spring!