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Happy Birthday, Grant

Posted: September 18, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in family
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Today is Grant’s 6th Birthday!  I cannot believe that he is now 6.  In 10 years he will be driving.  This fall will be his 5th soccer season.

Where does the time go? 

It is times like these that make me wonder how well I manage my time here on this planet.  Am I doing everything I can to raise Grant right?  Is his childhood all that it can be?

I know it is impossible for anyone to be the perfect parent but I do think it is important to strive for being the best you can be.  It is difficult but necessary to search for your faults, to see them for what they are and to make plans to change them or to at least minimize them. 

This has been one of the factors leading me in my weightloss.  I saw that I was unable to do what I wanted to do with Grant.  I also was sitting idle as my health was slowly deteriorating.  I did not want to die a little each day.  I want to do all that I can and all that I must to enjoy my life and my family as much as I possibly can each and every day.  Eating a bag of veggies instead of a hamburger for lunch seems to be a small price to pay for another day with my guys.

Anyway, I digress from the original purpose of the post…

For Birthdays, our tradition has been to have a celebratory family dinner of the birthday person’s choosing.  (I like to choose Thai or something out of the ordinary…)  Anytime Grant gets to choose a meal it is always, “Pancakes and eggs and syrup”.  So, it wasn’t a big surprised when we asked him what he wanted to do for his Birthday Dinner, he responded, “IHOP”.  Nor when he changed is mind to Sherri’s. 

But, you are all going to chuckle when you hear what his final decision was. 

“I want to go to McDonald’s… in Cottage Grove, with the big slide… and I want a Kid’s Meal!” was his final answer. 

Of all the places to go, my son chooses McDonald’s on his special night.  Too funny.