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Do You Believe?

Posted: June 23, 2008 by jgrantmarshall in Uncategorized

Again, I supply you with a copy/paste from Alwyn Cosgrove, a fitness instructor and gym owner, whose blog RSS feed I have subscribed to.  He asks the question, “Do you believe in your trainer?”, but I think the story he shares lays it out for belief in all things.

In belief, you need to be all in or not in at all.

What beliefs to you hold?  Are you all in, would you get in the wheel barrow?

Charles Blondin the tightrope walker announced one day that he wanted to perform a special feat. He wanted to pull a steel cable across the Niagara Falls and walk across the falls from the Canadian side to the American side while pushing a wheel barrow full of rocks.

No one believed he could do such a feat especially a reporter who wrote in the newspaper saying that the tightrope walker was crazy.

So one day he had a steel cable pulled across the Falls and announced he was going to perform this feat on Sunday.

Many people came (to see him fail – and die).

When the time came, he took a wheel barrow full of rocks, got on the steel cable and began his difficult journey.

It was very windy in Niagara and the rushing waters from the falls are very disturbing and frightening. A steel cable that stretched for over a kilometer is very unstable and sways under his feet. One step at a time, he walked that steel cable. Many times he stopped to catch his breath.

About six feet from the end – he pushed the wheel barrow on to the other side – did a cartwheel along the rope and made it to the other side!

When he was getting congratulated, he saw the reporter, the one who wrote in the paper saying that he was crazy. He immediately asked the reporter if he still believed he was crazy. The reporter replied he now believed he wasn’t crazy as he saw the feat being done.

Blondin then asked “Do you think I could do it again?” and the reporter said, “Yes.”

Blondin then asked the reporter, “Do you believe that I can do this again?” to which the reporter replied, “Yes I believe you can do this again”

Blondin then asked again, “Do you really believe?” and the reporter said, “Yes”.

Blondin then emptied the wheel barrow full of rocks and said to him, “If you really believe, get in…”